Wine 1.3.30 Released

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The Wine development release 1.3.30 is now available.

What’s new in this release:

  • DirectSound reimplemented on top of MMDevAPI.
  • Support for StretchBlt in the DIB engine.
  • User interface improvements in HTML help.
  • Some MSXML fixes.
  • Performance improvements in cmd.
  • Various bug fixes.

The source is available now. Binary packages are in the process of being built, and will appear soon at their respective download locations.

Some Bugs fixed in 1.3.30:

 201 Igowin: masking problem – image is not transparent

4140 Emu48 with HP49 ROM: parts of emulated screen stays black

5180 vb6 ide can’t run a simple test case

5181 vb6 can’t compile a simple file

5322 Both MSVC6 and MSVB6 installers die very early

5623 GetAsyncKeyState wrong if querying process doesn’t have focus

5841 XML database manipulation through ADO nonfunctional (support for MSXML2.XMLPARSER.3.0 -> CLSID {F5078F31-C551-11D3-89B9-0000F81FE221} needed)

6620 ALEPH500 crashes with X11DRV_DIB_DeleteDIBSection

7182 Arabic letters not positioned correctly

7563 neoragex 0.6b does not run

9400 Panzer General III Scorched Earth random hang, threading-related

9454 Panzer General III Scorched Earth hang with seh:setup_exception nested exception

12450 Adobe Acrobat Pro 6 & 7 / Acrobat Reader 6 & 7 — “Detect and Repair” does nothing (MsiReinstallProduct)

13383 Firefox 3.0rc1 crashes on startup on 64bit Kubuntu 8.04 [dogfood]

13502 BRenBot application fails to start

13564 VeohTV beta login window is improperly drawn

13885 Visio 2003 crash on digit entry or paste

13985 Skype 4 crashes


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