VirtualBox Commands List

Valic —  February 14, 2013 — 1 Comment

If you installed VirtualBox following this guide Run Virtual Machines and you are new to VirtualBox, then the following commands will help you to gather information and control your Virtual machines:

1. How to show the VirtualBox VM info:

[email protected]:~# VBoxManage showvminfo

Where <vmname> is the name of your Virtual Machine

2. How to show the VM Harddrive info:

[email protected]:~# VBoxManage showhdinfo

<filename> is the name of your .vdi file

3. How to list running VM:

[email protected]:~# VBoxManage list runningvms

4. How to list available VM:

[email protected]:~# VBoxManage list vms

5. How to list available VM Harddrives:

[email protected]:~# VBoxManage list hdds

6. How to list all available ISO images:

[email protected]:~# VBoxManage list dvds

7. How to Start a Virtual Machine:

Here you need to use the nohup command and add & to the end of command to run process in background so Virtual Machine will continue to run if you are closing the console. Continue Reading…

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