When you will start using the Bash shell more often, you will appreciate these shortcuts that can save you very much typing time:

Shortcut Description

Up/Down Arrow Keys

You can scroll back to an old command, hit ENTER, and execute the command without having to re-type it.

history command

Show your complete command history.

TAB Completion

If you type a partial command or filename that the shell recognizes, you can have it automatically completed for you if you press the TAB key.
Search your command history with


Press CTRL-R and then type any portion of a recent command. It will search the commands for you, and once you find the command you want, just press ENTER.
Scrolling the screen with Shift- PageUpandPage Down Scroll back and forward through your terminal.


Does the same as the up arrow
CTRL + N Does the same as the down arrow


Terminates the search function (escape does the same thing)
CTRL+ S Searchs forward in the command history.
CTRL + A Move cursor to start of line
CTRL+ E Move cursor to end of line
CTRL +B move backward within a line
CTRL + F move forward within a line
CTRL +D deletes characters and moves down the line
CTRL + K deletes the entire line
CTRL + X + backspace deletes all characters from cursors current position back
CTRL + T transpose text moves character down the li
ESC then c will convert the letter above the cursor to upper case
history –c will clear all of your history. Good for if your trying to hide command line passwords enetered.
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