Samba: How to install and set up Samba in Debian Squeeze/Ubuntu

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Setting up Samba “can” be complicated at times.  Well, this post is nothing like that.

Here I just show you quick and easy way to install Samba, configure it, and set up the drive letter on your XP/Vista.

NOTE: This set up is very “open” and should not be used on servers which are facing the world. This is for private network where you trust all the computers and its users.

Step 1. Installing Samba:

apt-get install samba

Step 2. Configuring Samba:

cd /etc/samba
vim smb.conf

Paste content below in to your vim:


workgroup = workgroup
netbios name = sambaserver
security = SHARE
load printers = No
default service = global
path = /home/samba-share
available = No
encrypt passwords = yes


writeable = yes
admin users = sambauser
path = /home/share/samba-share/
force user = root
valid users = sambauser
public = yes
available = yes

Now : save and exit

Step 3. Create samba user:


code>adduser sambauser         #add unix account

passwd smbuser                                   #set unix account password

smbpasswd -a sambauser                   #lets create same user account on samba

<put same password as your unix account password>

Step 4. Restart samba server

/etc/init.d/smb restart

Step 5. Now let us setup drive letter on our Windows so we can easily access these files.

Start -> run -> cmd

At the prompt type: net use z: \\ip_of_your_samba_server\share /user: smbuser password_you_assigned



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