Perl 5.16.0 Released

Valic —  May 21, 2012 — Leave a comment

The Perl developers have announcedthat Perl 5.16.0 is now available, after twelve months of development following the release of Perl 5.14.0. The changes in Perl 5.16 are designed to improve the language without breaking any past software.

Among the features of the new release are enhancements to code features such as use, which now explicitly enables feature bundles, a more consistent eval operator, and a revamped substr function. The __SUB__ sequence now returns a reference to the current subroutine, allowing for recursive subroutines to be written more simply.

The Perl 5.16 source code is available at MetaCPAN and is being mirrored on the CPAN network. Binary packaged versions of Perl 5.16 are not currently available, but are expected in the coming days. Perl is dual licensed under the GPLv2 and its own Artistic Licence.


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