ownCloud 3.0 Released – Gets Built-In Text Editor, PDF Viewer, Other Improvements

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ownCloud 3.0  has been released recently with some chilled new features, such as:

– Built-in cloud text editor;

– Integrated PDF viewer;

– Application Store;

– Photo gallery application;

– PIM Improvements;

– Other changes in ownCloud three:
Application Store: support for installing third party applications and addons through a central repository, directly from the ownCloud interface
new calendar interface
various calendar and contacts improvements
A brand spanking new “external” application that lets you integrate outside applications (like an outside webmail interface for example) in to the ownCloud interface.

How to upgrade to ownCloud 3.0:

First thing that you need to know is:  ownCloud 3.0 will automatically migrate the database to the newest version when you upgrade.

Then upgrading from ownCloud 2 to ownCloud 3 is really simple:

Just replace all your files in you ownCloud 2 installation with the new ownCloud 3 files.

Make sure that you keep the config and the data directory. The rest of the migration will happen automatically when you login the first time again.

That’s it. Enjoy.

– Built-in cloud text editor:

ownCloud Version three gives users the unique ability to access & edit
documents in multiple ways. Users can access files directly if ownCloud
is mounted by WebDAV, access them offline if the file is synced locally with
the upcoming syncing client, or access & edit files directly from within
a browser with the new text editor.

The browser based text editor supports 35 programming languages for syntax
highlighting, drag & drop text, automatic indent &
outdent, unstructured / user code folding & live syntax checker (for
JavaScript, Coffee & CSS). The editor is based on the ACE
JavaScript Editor. The editor supports basic text fles. Editing more
advanced formats like doc(x) & ODT is planned for future releases.

– Integrated PDF viewer:

ownCloud Version three ships with an integrated PDF viewer for convenient viewing & printing of PDFs, even with browsers that don´t have a PDF plugin installed. The viewer is based on the pdf.js library.

– Application Store:

ownCloud three supports installation of new third party applications and addons
directly from a central repository of ownCloud applications. Developers who
need to offer new features can upload new ownCloud applications at
apps.owncloud.com. ownCloud users can browse and install the new
applications directly from within the ownCloud Admin interface. Both users and developers can create and use this new application store!

– Photo gallery application:

ownCloud 3.0 adds a picture gallery application to help view &
organize photographs of different file types. Picture albums are automatically
created for uploaded photographs.


More @ owncloud.org/owncloud-3-release/


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