openSUSE Conference 2010 Announced

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The second international conference of the openSUSE project takes place in Nuremberg, Germany from 20th to 23rd of October 2010. It is put under the motto

Collaboration across Borders

All users, contributors and friends of the openSUSE project and free software are invited to come together for four days of interaction, discussing, learning, planing and hacking. The motto should come to life and for that we explicitly like to invite contributors to other projects or distributions. Please come to Nuremberg, discuss with us, present new and innovative stuff that moves the entire free software world forward or sit back and learn and enjoy what the openSUSE project can offer for you.

A big part of the conference will be presentations aimed to FOSS contributors and users. Another part will be Birds of a Feather Sessions where people work on specific topics in an interactive discussion style. Hacking sessions of various special interest teams within the community make the real FOSS conference spirit and will give you very short nights. The entire program you can find here

The openSUSE Conference has been and will be again a place where decisions are going to be taken. We are convinced that meeting face to face gives the best opportunity to really move the project forward by discussing and taking decisions.

What else can be expected? A lot of friendly people, burning for openSUSE and free software, lots of fun while working, talking, listening and partying. You shouldn’t miss that.



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