OpenSSH 5.9 released

Valic —  September 9, 2011 — Leave a comment

OpenSSH 5.9 has beed released. OpenSSH is a free SSH suite developed by the OpenBSD Project.

New features are sandboxing, an optional (experimental) feature to prevent compromised privsep child from being used to attack other hosts, new SHA256-based HMAC transport integrity modes, the pre-authentication sshd process logs through a shared socket of the master process now to avoid the need to maintain /dev/log inside a chroot, ssh now warns when a server refuses X11 forwarding, the sshd_config option AuthorizedKeysFile accepts multiple paths (separated by whitespace), retain key comments when loading v.2 keys and graceful shutdown of multipexing connections with the ssh -O stop command.

The complete list of new features and bugfixes is available in the offical release notes:

Download of the new OpenSSH Version:



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