LPIC-1 – Exam 101 Junior Level Linux Certification Test Simulator

On this page, you have the opportunity to test your skills in preparation for the exams, required for the LPIC-1 Exam 101.

NOTE: The questions are not the original questions, but they are similar and may help in preparation         for the test.

Take this test before starting to read for LPIC:

LPIC 101 exam test:

All tests were merged and now, when you take the EXAM 1 our script will provide 70 random questions from database. If you take the exam multiple times you will have different questions every time.

Have fun with the simulation!

5 responses to LPIC-1 – Exam 101 Junior Level Linux Certification Test Simulator

  1. This is really good simulator for exam takers. Thanks !!

  2. This is bullshit.. who the fuck asks questions about friggin scsi nowadays? the most irrelevant shit is asked in these tests.. there’s a 0.03% chance that one uses the shit asked about here on a daily basis.. this really doesn’t mirror anyone’s knowledge of linux/debian.. It’s just another way to make you fail a test and keep paying $$$ till you make it.. BS!

  3. Just try to take the real exam and we will see if they still ask theese questions :). I know for sure they still ask about SCSI.

  4. Thank you. This is the best sample test for LPIC-1 I’ve tried so far.

    And I’ve tried a few! Until this one, they have all mixed up the questions rather poorly; materials covering X, networking, etc. on what is labelled the 101 sample.

    This one got it right, keeping the subjects on point for the 101 topics, and necessitatiing a sharp eye. And while I was not always pleased with my performance on it, I could never cry “bullshit.”

  5. Took my LPIC 101 exam on Friday, and I can say that these questions are very representative of ‘the real thing’. Thanks for posting.

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