Test 1 – LPIC-1 – Exam 101 Junior Level Linux Certification

Valic —  January 10, 2013 — 1 Comment

This is a required exam for LPIC-1 or LPI certification Level 1. It covers basic skills for the Linux professional that are common across all distributions of Linux.

This is an simulation (online LPIC exam) of the LPIC- 101 exam. It uses neither the same questions nor the same weighting of the results as the original exam. But the type and content of the questions should be similar and this may be a good training for the real exam.

The real exam has got about 60 to 70 questions and a time limit of 90 minutes to answer them.

Exam 101: Lpi Test Exam 1

NOTE: The questions are not the original questions, but they are similar and may help in preparation for the test.


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