Lazy Linux: Top 7 most interesting tricks for admins

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Through various kinds of tricks for admins you want actually to save your time. You can also show your wonderful efficiency in management. Through this tricks you can do the system related task in only ten minutes whereas another person will take more than two hours to complete it. Here are seven best tips which will help you to do admin task in a better and easier way.

Unmount the unresponsive DVD drive:

When you push the eject button of the DVD drive, immediately it will be ejected. Sometimes when a process is running, this ejection will not take place. In such a situation you need to enter a disk into your DVD drive. Then you have to open up one terminal. After that you have to mount the drive of DVD. Now, you can actually open the second terminal and after that you have to try to eject it. You will receive a message. Before, freeing it has a look at who is using the drive. Then you can kill the process. After that you need to unmount the DVD and the ejection will get started again.

Get the screen back while hosed:

Sometimes you can face a situation when your terminal is looking like garbage. Everything what you are typing is looking like the Matrix. In that case, you can type ‘reset‘. Well, there is nothing to worry about the fact that if you type reset the production machine will get shut down or rebooted.

You can go for it with full confidence and type resent. Your screen will be back to normal again after closing it. This trick will surely save lots of time for you and will make you a smart admin.

Collaboration with the screen:

You need to use the root power to get collaborated with the system of another person. Then both the persons will be able to see whatever they are typing. These both of you will be able to have a joined session between you. You do not need to go to the other person’s floor. Both of you will have some kind of control. In such a way both of you can show your skills of trouble shooting and thus can enrich each other’s knowledge. You can solve a lot of admin problems easily in much quicker time.

Get back your root password:

It can happen that you may forget your password of they system. In that case what you need only to do is that you have to reinstall the whole machine. You can do it quite easily and thus you can change the password with ease. First of all you have to reboot your machine and you will be at GRUB Screen. After that Kernel has to be selected what will be booted along with the arrow key. Thereafter you have to type E. You can then edit the kernel line. After that you have to highlight the kernel line with arrow key. Next you can boot the kernel with single user mode. You have to change your password in the end. If after this you reboot your machine your new password will be booted up.

Back Door of SSH Server:

Sometimes you will need to have some remote support in various sites and the person is blocked by firewall of your company. In such a case it becomes extremely necessary to get of the firewall and get connected with the world so that you can solve the critical problem easily by talking to the expert. In this method you can actually create a hole in your office firewall system. You need to have a system on the internet which you can sue as intermediately. By poking this hole you need to get connected with the proper person from whom you can get the help because you are actually creating a hole on office firewall and thus some of the other systems of your company can be hacked.

Have VNC session in SSH tunnel:

If the remote server is getting some kind of graphical problem you can use virtual network computing or VNC. You have to begin the session of VNC server on Ginger. You need to start the server with the resolution of 1024×768. You need to fix Pixel depth of 24 bits. It is better to have a little speedy internet connection. Thereafter server has to be accessible from the port 5999. At the beginning of the session a password will be required. The same user will be the user ID from which the VNC server is launched.

Check the Bandwidth:

You need to check the bandwidth. The cheapest and most common way of doing it is to create a bond between the two Gigabit NICs. As you have additional on board NIC, this become an extremely cheap process. The theoretical limit of Gigabit Ethernet is 128 Mbps. You have to install it in the shared file system.

Following these tricks you can easily become an efficient person in Admin. You will be able to do the task much quickly with full confidence.

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