KDE 4.8 Released – New Features And Improvements

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KDE is happy to announce the immediate availability of version four.8 of both the Plasma Desktop and Plasma Netbook Workspaces. The Plasma Workspaces have seen improvements to existing functionality, as well as the introduction of significant new features.

KDE 4.8 Screenshots below article:

The Window Switcher that is often assigned to the Alt+Tab shortcut now has six feasible layouts. These choices are useful for systems that don’t use Desktop Effects. Task Switcher choices can be found at the Window Behavior module inside Technique Settings. Another round of significant performance improvements in KWin, Plasma’s window manager and compositor further improve the user experience.

KDE Power Management Process Settings have been redesigned. The user interface has been simplified and the layout improved. Power management no longer depends on user created profiles. In lieu, it provides presets: On AC Power, On Battery and On Low Battery. In addition, power management is now multi-screen aware and adapts to the user’s current activity. This means, for example, that power settings can be set to never dim or never turn off the screen in a Photographs or Video Activity. If needed, power management can be deactivated quickly by the battery desktop applet.


A new splash screen implementation makes use of QtQuick. This release debuts a visually and feature-wise re-implementation of the device notifier widget as the first default widget of Plasma Desktop that moves to QtQuick for simpler maintainability, a smoother user experience and more touch-friendliness. The on-screen keyboard has seen numerous improvements in terms of bug fixes and performance. Taskbars and docks work better thanks to improvements from Craig Drummond’s Icon Tasks Plasmoid. This includes nicer context menus, improved support for launchers, and a lot of bug fixes. A new picture-of-the-day wallpaper plugin allows new astronomy, flickr, Wikipedia or other picture on your screen every day. Performance improvements, usability fixes round up the general user experience.

KSecretService offers shared password storage, making saved passwords obtainable to other applications. This provides a more secure technique and better integration of non-KDE apps with the Plasma Workspaces. With this feature, it is no longer necessary to contend with different password storage systems when using non-KDE applications.

More info @Kde.org


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  1. Started using KDE just a few weeks ago and I love it. Easily the best Linux desktop, hack the best desktop ever.

  2. 1. Anybody know when this version land to the semi-official or experimental repository?

    2. It is possible that KDE 4.8 will be included in debian wheezy?

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