How to install Debian Linux – Tutorial with pictures

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This is a tutorial to install Debian Linux. It will be installed with the first CD of the Debian distribution.

Step 1. Burn the first CD of the Debian Linux distribution and boot this CD
Instalare Debian Linux

Step 2. Choose the language
We will choose the language that will be installed
Instalare Debian Linux - Alegere Limba

Step 3. Choose country
Instalare Debian Linux - alegere tara

Step 4. Choose keyboard
we will choose American English.
Instalare Debian Linux - alegere tastatura

Step 5. Cancel the network configuration through DHCP
Now we will set the network manually.
Instalare Debian Linux - anulare DHCP

Step 6. Configure the network manually
Instalare Debian Linux - configurare retea manuala

Step 7. Set the server IP
Instalare Debian Linux - setare IP

Step 8. Set the network mask (subnet)
Instalare Debian Linux - setare subnet

Step 9. Set the default route (gateway)
Instalare Debian Linux - setare gateway

Step 10. Set the DNS address
Instalare Debian Linux - setare DNS

Step 11. Set the hostname for server
Instalare Debian Linux - setare hostname

Step 12. Set domain name
Instalare Debian Linux - setare nume domeniu

Step 13. Partition hard drive – choose the type of partitioning
We will use entire hard disk (existing data will be lost).
Instalare Debian Linux - partitionare folosind tot discul

Step 14. We choose the hard disk for partitioning
Install Debian Linux - selection Disk Partition

Step 15. Choose partitioning scheme
We choose to create a single partition for system files.
Install Debian Linux - scheme partitioning

Step 16. Close the process of partitioning – now partitions will be created
Note: If you already have data on the hard disk all data will be lost!
Debian Linux installation - partitioning

Step 17. Confirm creating the partition
Debian Linux installation - partitioning

Step 18. Choose the timezone
Install Debian Linux - the choice hourly

Step 19. We set the root password
Debian Linux Installation - setting password root

Step 20 Retype root password
Debian Linux Installation - setting password root

Step 21. Type the user that you want to be created
Debian Linux installation - adding user

Step 22. Choose the user account name that we want to create
Install Debian Linux - Log User

Step 23. Set the password for user account that you just created
Debian Linux Installation - setting password User

Step 24. Retype user password
Debian Linux installation - setting password User

Step 25. Installing Debian Linux
Debian Linux installation

Step 26. Choose to use a mirror of Debian packages
Debian Linux installation - Download mirrors for choice packs

Step 27. Choose country used for the mirror site
install Debian Linux - choice country for the mirror

Step 28. Choose mirror
install Debian Linux - choice mirror width =

Step 29. We will not set proxy for Internet access
Debian Linux installation

Step 30. We will skip this step. Choose No.
Debian Linux installation

Step 31. Install only “standard system” .
Install Debian Linux - selection installed applications

Step 32. Install the GRUB boot loader
Debian Linux installation - installing GRUB

Step 33. End of the installation
Debian Linux installation

Step 34. After reboot, choose the first option in GRUB
install Debian Linux - grub menu

Step 35. Install server and SSH client
Debian Linux installation - install sshd

We currently have a minimal Debian Linux server installed, we can now connect remotely via SSH.


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