How to use minicom to access Cisco equipment console

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I this guide I will show to how to connect to a Cisco equipment using minicom.

1. Install minicom If not installed:

apt-get install minicom

2. Setup minicom.

To enter in minicom setup screen use:

# minicom -s


Now select “Serial port setup”  from the menu:

First thing you need to do is to select the serial port.
Select A and set it to ttyS0 on some other distribution will be ttyUSB0.

Then you need to select E to configure the port connection.
A new window called comm parameters will show up and  in this new window, press C to set the speed to 9600bps, and V to use 8 data bits, and then press Enter o go back to the previous window.


Now press F and G to set both the hardware and software flow control to NO and  press Enter to go back to the main configuration window.

Using the arrow down key, move down to Save setup as dfl

Save setup as dfl

Using the arrow down key, move down to “Exit” to leave the configuration mode and go into terminal emulation mode.


To exit from minicom use CTRL-A X and CTRL-A Z to show the help menu.


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