How to recompile eAccelerator after upgrading php

Valic —  February 25, 2012 — 3 Comments

If you use eAccelerator and have updated your php5 version  you need to recompile the plugin.

First step is to go in to the source listing of your eAccelerator and follow the instructions:

In my case the source is located in /usr/src/.

cd /usr/src/eaccelerator/
make clean
make install

Don’t forget to restart your apache:

/etc/init.d/apache2 restart

How to put in it in the first place? See article Install and Integrate eAccelerator into PHP5 on Debian Squeeze


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3 responses to How to recompile eAccelerator after upgrading php

  1. I used to use eAccelerator on Gentoo and switched to using APC on Debian. Why? There is a debian package for APC and none for eAccelerator as far as I know. And APC doesn’t have to be manually recompiled when updating php5, APC get updated automatically or doesn’t have to be touched. At least my phpinfo() always shows APC is up and running after every php5 update. I also just read that APC will be built-in to the core of PHP starting with PHP 5.4. Is there perhaps a reason to go with eAccelerator instead of APC? Perhaps performance? I really like the ease of maintaining APC on Debian.

  2. I will write a tutorial about APC on Debian.

  3. Looks like APC did not make it into PHP 5.4.0, but it is still my favorite PHP accelerator. Anyone who isn’t convinced or would like to try out others, take a look at the “List of PHP accelerators” at Wikipedia:

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