How to Install VMware Server 2 on Debian Squeeze

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The installation is similar to that of Lenny, with the following differences:

  1. There are different versions of the Linux kernel and gcc.
  2. Different patches are required for installation and modules.

You can find the Lenny tutorial here: Installing VMware server 2.x on Debian lenny .

Step1. Get the VMWare Server archive (at least version 2.0.2) and your license.

Register at, download the latest VMware server binary and upload to your server.

Step2. Install the prerequisites (like kernel-headers  and gcc version 4.3).

[php]apt-get install psmisc make gcc gcc-4.3 linux-headers-$(uname -r)[/php]

Step3. Get the patches archive from

[php]Wget  <a href=""></a>[/php]

Step4.  Extract the VMWare Server archive.

[php]<code>tar zxvf VMware-server-2.x.tar.gz</code>[/php]

Step5. Install VMWare Server , but do not configure it yet. Answer the question to run “” with “no”.

Install VMWare Server using the following command:


You can accept the defaults for all questions in the installer and configuration tool but read carefully to make sure they fit your requirements.

Step6. Patch using a file from the patch archive (choose the directory where you installed the binaries, if not “/usr/bin”).

[php]cd /usr/bin
patch &lt;[/php]

Step7. Patching the module with any other file in the patch. (choose the directory where you installed the library, if not “/ usr / lib”).

<pre>cd /usr/lib/vmware/modules/source
for i in *.tar ; do tar xpf $i ; done
for i in 00-vmware-2.6.32_functional.diff 01-vmware-2.6.32_cosmetic.diff 02-vmnet-include.diff; do patch -p1 &lt; $i; done
for i in vmci vmmon vmnet vsock ; do tar cpf $i.tar $i-only ; done</pre>

Step8. Now you can run to configure your VMWare Server.

[php]cd /usr/bin/

Now you can now access the web interface by navigating to http://your-server:8222 or https://your-server:8333

You can see also the Port forwarding in VMware Server2 for Linux Tutorial.



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