How to Install Tonido Cloud on Debian Squeeze

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Tonido is a software and service that one time installed on any computer (Windows, Linux or Mac), can make files and media in that computer available anywhere through a web browser or from mobile rings (iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Windows Phone 7).

 Install Tonido Cloud on Debian Squeeze:

1. Download Tonido cloud  from the downloads page. (


2.  Install Tonido :

dpkg -i --force-architecture TonidoSetup_i686.deb

3.  Start Tonido using the following command:

sh /usr/local/tonido/ start

4.  Finally open your web browser and go to:


5. If you get the error:

“Cannot Create New Tonido Account
If you are connected to Tonido remotely, enable Remote Account Creation setting and retry.
If you are already logged into a Tonido account, you need to log out from the account.”

Open your Tonido install directory:  \tonido\data and edit the file call configex.xml and change remoteadmin value to 1

Restart Tonido and retry the profile creation:

sh /usr/local/tonido/ restart

More info @



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6 responses to How to Install Tonido Cloud on Debian Squeeze

  1. it is very very useful article thank you.

  2. thank you for all tutorials.
    can you post some full tutorial about horde , setup and configuration

  3. Thanks for your appreciation.
    I will try soon.

  4. hi,
    thanks for your guide but i don’t find the “data” folder in “/usr/local/tonido” to enable Remote Account Creation.
    Can you help me?

    thanks very much

  5. hi,

    if you use Debian try to search for configex.xml file first.
    It should be where you downloaded the TonidoSetup_i686.deb first time.

  6. Thks for your information. I’m thinking if you could help me a bit more. i’m getting an erro when starting de tonido server. The error no log file is:

    4 /usr/local/tonido not found (but exist!!!)
    4 ELF not found
    5 unexpected “(”

    Do you know how can i solve it?


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