How to Install and Configure PostgreSQL and phpPgAdmin on Debian Squeeze

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PostgreSQL, often basically Postgres, is an object-relational database management method (ORDBMS) obtainable for lots of platforms including Debian , FreeBSD, Solaris, MS Windows & Mac OS X.

It is released under the PostgreSQL License, which is an MIT-style license, & is thus free & open source application. PostgreSQL is developed by the PostgreSQL Global Development Group, consisting of a handful of community volunteers employed & supervised by companies such as Red Hat.

Step1. PostgreSQL Installation:

apt-get install postgresql

Step2. PostgreSQL Configuration:

The main configuration file is located in : /etc/postgresql/8.4/main/postgresql.conf
Fist open the configuration file and make the following changes:

vim /etc/postgresql/8.4/main/postgresql.conf

and remove the “#” form  line:

#password_encryption = on

Optional you can make the PostgreSQL to listen on  any ip address:

#listen_addresses = ‘localhost’

By removing the “#” and replace localhost with “*” you will make PostgreSQL  to listen on all ip addresses.

Step3. Create a SuperUser and Password for PostgreSQL  (with which we can create
other users and databases)

root@testing:/# su – postgres
postgres@testing:~$ createuser -sdrP master
Enter password for new role:
Enter it again:


 Step4. Install phpPgAdmin

apt-get install phppgadmin

If you need to acces  phppgadmin from another computer:

nano /etc/apache2/conf.d/phppgadmin

and make  theese modifications:

order deny,allow
deny from all
#allow from ::1/128
allow from all

Restart the apache2  server and PostgreSQL   server:

/etc/init.d/apache2 restart

/etc/init.d/postgresql restart
Restarting PostgreSQL 8.4 database server: main.

Now you can acces the http://<ip>/phppgadmin and create/edit databases and users.



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One response to How to Install and Configure PostgreSQL and phpPgAdmin on Debian Squeeze

  1. In my case there was no file /etc/postgresql/8.4/main/postgresql.conf
    However, I did nano /etc/apache2/conf-enabled/phppgadmin.conf and there commented the line Require local

    after that, normally did the restart for postgresql and apache2. Idk whether it is safe, but it sure worked.

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