How To Hide Apache2 and Php5 Version

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You may be concerned about the security of your servers, and you should know that hackers often try to break your server

One way to secure your LAMP server would stop Apache and PHP5 to send details of their versions or other valuable informations.

1. How to hide Apache2 version?

In http.conf file or apache2.conf add the following lines:

ServerSignature Off

ServerTokens  Prod

2. How to hide the PHP5 version?

In php.ini file, usually /etc/php5/ or /etc/php5/apache2/ add the following lines:

expose_php = Off

display_errors = Off

After that you need to restart apach2 server with the following command:

/etc/init.d/apache2 restart

Thats it! Your server is more secure now.



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