Five Reasons Why I choose Linux over Windows

Valic —  June 9, 2014 — 2 Comments

1. Affordable

The most obvious benefit is that it is free and so are its applications. It saves me money as upgrading or installing applications will not cost me a dime unlike Windows which I have to buy each and every component, application and even some upgrades. This also means that I can freely share the OS among friends without it being illegal. The Linux system is more secure than Windows meaning that it is less prone to virus infections. This means that means that I do not incur frequent expenditures on anti-viruses which further make it affordable.


2. Security and Stability

There few occasions of system crashes with a Linux OS because the core operating systems is separate from the GUI that hosts the applications. In windows the core system and the applications are integrated such that when an application crashes it can lead to the crash of the whole operating system. For Linux however, the incomplete integration means that an application crashes without affecting the OS.


Linux is an extremely stable system which offers the benefit of less rebooting. Application crashes do not affect the whole system and one just needs to restart the specific application unlike Windows which requires rebooting. Linux has the advantage of being compatible with various file systems such that it can open over a 100 types of files. Windows on the other hand can only read its own file systems. This makes Linux more versatile especially if since I frequently extract data from a hard drive formatted on a different computer.

Linux offers more security for my data than Windows. Being an Open Source program any attempt to access data is easily detected and disabled.  With Windows the government and also other spies can easily access your data.


3. Expansive support

Linux has three commercial support providers which are Red Hat, Novell and Canonical. These provide 24/7 support for critical applications and business services. This plus the worldwide community support it being an open source program offers me  the best experience as the forums are upbeat and very resourceful.

4. Easy Installation, Use and Maintenance

It is possible to install Linux on a secondary drive or on a slave drive unlike Windows which has to be installed on the primary drive. Linux can also be run from a CD drive which allows me to test it before installing on the hard drive. This ability enables multiple booting options on my computer.  The built in virtualization further enables running of multiple copies of Linux and even other operating systems.  Linux also offers the ability to scale from a low capacity computer to high capacity which eases upgrading when I require it.

With Windows reinstallation is the only way some system problems can be fixed but with Linux unless there is hard drive failure, most problems can be fixed without requiring reinstallation. This is beneficial because user preferences and customisations are not lost. Even when a reinstallation is necessary, the user preferences can be saved by creating a separate partition on the home directory.


5. Freedom of programming and customization

With Linux I can program the OS since I have the source code and the right to make modifications. This is important as it reduces my reliance on my system/application vendor. Ability to program saves me from being at the mercy of a vendor especially because vendors can cease offering support of a version out of the blues. There is also the advantage of a more powerful shell environment which allows me to write entire programs such as my backup.


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2 responses to Five Reasons Why I choose Linux over Windows

  1. Nice and valid arguments. But there’s still some reasons why many of Windows users won’t switch to the Linux. Like one of my friend said for example that you have to buy new printer since Linux won’t support all printers by default. But yeah as what comes to myself I changed to Linux many many years ago because of the security and I think it as best programming environment! 🙂 Valic please make more posts like these so I can show to my friends how good Linux truly is! 🙂

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