DefCamp 2011 Brasov,Romania

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What is Defcamp ?

DefCamp is a national initiative dedicated to the development of digital skills in young adults drawn by IT security, by creating an offline simulation environment
that allows knowledge exchange between underground security specialists, the
academical and corporational environment in Romania.
DefCamp is specialized in the presentation of some technical information
regarding security and insecurity of the real and virtual environments.

Why would I want to join ?

* If white, black or gray represent more than the classical significance;
* If you want to broaden your horizons regarding your environment’s (in)security;
* You want to find out what are the latest trends in IT security;
* You want to learn how to secure or unsecure the virtual environment;
* You like IT security;
* You want to battle side by side with other people who share the same passion in a forensics competition;
* You want to meet other people that speak the same language in a non-formal environment;
* You want to meet different famous people in person;
* You want to meet specialists for developing technical groups for the research of IT security.

When will it take place ?

The event will be scheduled between the 30th of September and the 2nd of October 2011 and will take place in Bran, Brasov county.


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