Debian most popular Linux for web servers

Valic —  January 15, 2012 — 2 Comments

Last year, Debian GNU/Linux and CentOS were the most popular Linux distributions on web servers.

According to recent every month figures from W3Techs, Debian has recently regained the top spot from CentOS and was walking on 29.4 per-cent of Linux-based web servers (9.6 per-cent of all websites). CentOS had held the lead by a few per-cent in the work of most of the last year; Debian moved ahead by a little margin at the finish of the year.

Ubuntu’s share increased from 12 to 18 per-cent while the use of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Fedora, SuSE and Gentoo on web servers all declined. Debian is popular in Europe, while the distribution is not very used in Japan, India and China. Debian is also comparatively unpopular in the USA and Canada. The numbers are based on a survey of the million most popular websites as defined by Alexa.

More info : W3Techs


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2 responses to Debian most popular Linux for web servers

  1. nice

  2. Count me in running Debian on my webserver, after having moved from using Redhat to FreeBSD and last Gentoo. Sometimes I miss Gentoo and portage, but not really.

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