Debian Installer 7.0 Beta 2 has been release on September 9th

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The Debian Installer team has been release on September 9th the installer for Debian 7.0 codename Wheey.

The second beta release of Debian 7.0 has many improvements:

  • espeakup: Fix voice path according to multiarch switch (#682313). This fixes the failure to switch languages.
  • grub-installer: Fix /proc mounting code to use linprocfs on GNU/kFreeBSD (#613430). This fixes the failure to find a GRUB device on those systems.
  • mountmedia: Fix hang due to trying to mount extended partitions (#683849).
  • linux kernel: Updated from 3.2.21-3 to 3.2.23-1.
  • netcfg:
    • List available ESSIDs (#637128).
    • Improve support for s390 and s390x.
  • silo:
    • Fix ext4 support.
    • Fix timeout-related crashes on sparc (Niagara – sun4v).
  • udev:
    • Fix qcontrol/LED/beeper support on arm.
    • Fix persistent-net-generator on s390 and s390x.
  • win32-loader:
    • Switch to the Joy theme.
    • Default to the graphical installation for all kernels.
  • xserver-xorg-input-mouse: Fix crash on GNU/kFreeBSD (#683849).

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