Debian Installer 6.0 Release Candidate 1 release

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The Debian Installer team is pleased to announce the first release candidate release of the installer for Debian GNU/Linux Squeeze.

= Improvements in this release of the installer =

* Linux kernel updated to 2.6.32-29;
* Updated artwork for Squeeze theme (#603554);
* Fixed Finnish keymap in graphical installer;
* Fixed usability issues with very long questions about accepting firmware licenses when some non-free firmware is used;
* Fixed mklibs segfaults on static objects;
* Avoid reloading modules that have a network interface that is already configured;
* Support the new suite name for “volatile”;
* Fix text of examples in debconf templates to fit the new partition numbering scheme in GRUB 2;
* Fix resolv.conf writing of manual entered values in case DHCP doesn’t supply them;
* Live Installer:
* Don’t depends on fs modules since it can be loaded during the filesystem lookup;
* Also removing backend packages for both live-boot and live-config when running normal installation;
* Calling depmod before modprobing support modules;
* For consistency, and for more flexibility with custom d-i kernels, also making anna call for installing support modules never fail;
* On GNU/kFreeBSD:
* Disable partman-zfs on kfreebsd-i386;
* Fix generation of fstab CD-ROM entries;
* mark modules disabled due to firmware issues as optional;
* On GNU/Linux:
* nic-modules: add qlcnic module;
* ata-modules: force inclusion of ata_generic;
* armel:
* kirkwood: Added support for QNAP TS-119P+ and TS-219P+;
* powerpc:
* Add support for YDL PowerStation, a CHRP machine with IBM Bimini board and SLOF firmware;
* Selectively load necessary modules to control G5 PowerMac fans. All G5 PowerMac models are covered now;
* fancontrol-modules (powerpc64): add windfarm_pm121 for iMac iSight machines;
* pata-modules: add pata_mpc52xx for Efika 5200B board;
* nic-modules (powerpc64): add ehea module for on-board ethernet adapters present on all IBM Power 6 and later System P boards;
* core-modules: add bestcomm-core. pata_mpc52xx and fec_mpc52xx depend on it;
* Let linux-boot-prober work on all chrp machines;
* Handle YDL initrd image in linux-boot-prober fallback test;
* Use short unique OS labels returned by os-prober;
* Use persistent device naming symlinks and UUID/LABEL tags instead of unix block device names;
* Localization:
* Lao and Sinhala languages added;
* 70 languages activated (included English);
* For 57 of these, translation is 100% complete;

= Behavioral changes in this release =

* Use “mirror” as default hostname for custom FTP or HTTP mirror.
* Remove -8 (if present) from getty options for serial terminals.

== Thanks ==

The Debian Installer team thanks everybody who has contributed to this release.



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