The Debian developers have been working hard to release the next version of the distro called Wheezy. They have targeted the date 4th or 5th May 2013 for the Debian 7.0 – Wheezy Release. They are making the final tweaks for a first Wheezy release.

Debian Team:

We now have a target date of the weekend of 4th/5th May for the release.
We have checked with core teams, and this seems to be acceptable for
everyone.  This means we are able to begin the final preparations for a
release of Debian 7.0 - "Wheezy".

The intention is only to lift the date if something really critical pops
up that is not possible to handle as an errata, or if we end up
technically unable to release that weekend (e.g. a required machine
crashes or d-i explodes in a giant ball of fire). Every other RC fix
that does not make it in time will be r1 material. Please be sure to
contact us about the RC fixes you would like included in the point



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4 responses to Debian 7.0 Wheezy planned to be released on 1st Weekend in May

  1. /etc/lsb-release: No such file or directory
    root@debian:/etc/apt# more /etc/issue
    Debian GNU/Linux 7.0 \n \l

  2. you have the RC version there

  3. i don’t know..
    i just install and use
    can you explained to me.. how to be come rc..
    wish i use change /etc/apt/resource.list

  4. Please show me your /etc/apt/resource.list file

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