Cpufreq-info – Utility to retrieve cpufreq kernel information

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LibCpufreq is a library which offers a unified access method for userspace tools and programs to the cpufreq core and drivers in the Linux kernel. This allows for code reduction in userspace tools, a clean implementation of the interaction to the cpufreq core, and support for both the sysfs and proc interfaces.

Cpufreq-info determines current cpufreq settings, and provides useful debug information to users and bug-hunters.

Cpufreq-set allows to set a specific frequency and/or new cpufreq policies.


To install cpufreq-info use the following command

apt-get install cpufrequtils


For starters, run the cpufreq-info comand to view the processor and power management info.

The output of this command should look something like this:



Using the cpufreq-set command with the -g switch you can enable the desired governor.

cpufreq-set -g performance

Here you have 5 options : conservative, ondemand, userspace, powersave, performance

Some other examples:

You can set the desired CPU frequency. To do that, you have to enable the userspace governor first:

cpufreq-set -g userspace

You can then use the cpufreq-set command with the -f switch to set the desired CPU frequency:

cpufreq-set -f 800Mhz


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