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Piwik is a  source, open (GPL) web real-time analysis software. It provides detailed reports about visitors on your website like: search engines,  keywords used, the language they speak, your popular pages .
Piwik is an alternative to Google Analytics, and is already used by more than 150,000 websites.
Piwik is an PHP MySQL software program that you can download and install on your own web server. At the end of installation process you will be given five minutes JavaScript code.
Simply copy and paste this tag on websites that wish to track  and access your reports real-time analysis.

You can Download the latest Piwik release and install it on your server. You will need at least PHP5.1 and MySQL to make piwik to work.

Install Piwik on Debian Squeeze:

Step1.  First we need to download the latest release of Piwik from :


Step2. Then unzip the downloaded file. This will  create a “piwik” folder containing files and directories.


Step3. Go to the URL you have installed  Piwik through your web browser.

If everything is loaded correctly, you should see the installation screen Piwik welcome. If there are problems, Piwik will identify and tell you how to solve it.

Step4.  Now follow the directives given by piwik and all should be fine.

 NOTE:  When you are done configuring Piwik, you can set more restrictive rights (ie. read only) on the “piwik/config/” folder. Piwik will always write its  data   inside the “piwik/tmp/” folder, so only this one needs write permission.

After you complete all the steps you can login now.

Official website :

Enjoy. Feel free to ask anything.


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