BIND 9.7.2-P2 is now released

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   BIND 9.7.2-P2 is a maintenance release for BIND 9.7.

   This document summarizes changes from BIND 9.7.1 to BIND 9.7.2-P2.
   Please see the CHANGES file in the source code release for a complete
   list of all changes.


   The latest release of BIND 9 software can always be found on our web
   site at There you will find
   additional information about each release, source code, and some
   pre-compiled versions for certain operating systems.

New Features

     * Zones may be dynamically added and removed with the "rndc addzone"
       and "rndc delzone" commands. These dynamically added zones are
       written to a per-view configuration file. Do not rely on the
       configuration file name nor contents as this will change in a
       future release. This is an experimental feature at this time.
     * Added new "filter-aaaa-on-v4" access control list to select which
       IPv4 clients have AAAA record filtering applied.
     * A new command "rndc secroots" was added to dump a combined summary
       of the currently managed keys combined with statically configured
       trust anchors.
     * Added support to load new keys into managed zones without signing
       immediately with "rndc loadkeys". Added support to link keys with
       "dnssec-keygen -S" and "dnssec-settime -S".


     * Documentation improvements
     * ORCHID prefixes were removed from the automatic empty zone list.
     * Improved handling of GSSAPI security contexts. Specifically, better
       memory management of cached contexts, limited lifetime of a context
       to 1 hour, and added a "realm" command to nsupdate to allow
       selection of a non-default realm name.
     * The contributed tool "ztk" was updated to version 1.0.

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