5 Great alternatives of Google drive for Linux

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A majority of the Linux based users usually wonder the reason why they cannot use the Google Drive over Linux platforms. You could also find them wondering if there is any alternative of Google Drive for the Linux users in the market. The fact is you could find alternative to the Google Drive for the Linux based users, which many of these users are not aware about it. People who do not know that they can find alternative to Google Drive go to the extent of thinking that Linux is not a good option in comparison to Windows.

However, this logic is only valid to the ignorant users as it’s really unfair to vouch for this thinking. Whatever you could do at the Windows, can be easily be carried out over the Linux based systems seeking the help of a couple of good alternatives. Well let’s check out the five great alternatives of Google Drive perfect for all the Linux based users in the following paragraphs.

1). Dropbox

The first and popular alternative to Google Drive for Linux users is Dropbox, which gives far better client ecosystem than Google. It gives you a perfect platform for all kinds of users including the ones belonging to Linux. Dropbox offers around 2GB of free space to its users, however, you could secure 16GB of space by simply referring to any of your friend and the chain multiplies you get 500 MB for each referral. Though the initial 2GB space could be lesser than the Google Drive yet you may end up getting free space without actually paying a single buck. In terms of features Dropbox happens to be quite similar to the Google Drive, which offers you a particular folder that could be synched between your PCs. And in terms of security, Dropbox happens to be a better option than Google Drive by incorporating two-step authentication elements.

2). Ubuntu One

Another alternative is Ubuntu wherein you could see an element called Ubuntu One already installed in it. Unlike its rival Google Drive, Ubuntu gives you the free cloud storage of 5 GB. But at the same time, with the referral program like what you find in Dropbox, you could end up getting additional free space up to the maximum of 20 GB and more. You can easily store your different files in the folder of Ubuntu, which could be synced to any other folder over your PC. It is also compatible with different operating systems including Mac, Windows, iOS and Android. You could also run Ubuntu over the other networks of Linux. And having an open source based software; you could compile your own distribution systems.

3). SpiderOak

It is yet another good alternative of Google Drive for Linux feature in terms of having some unique feature of encryption. So unlike Ubuntu, Dropbox and Google Drive, it simply helps in encrypting all the data over your PC before you start uploading the files. SpiderOak give the users a Linux client apart from offering for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android based clients. You initially get a 2GB free space, while you could end up earning up to free 10 GB storage space via the referral programs as found in Dropbox. Though its user interface could sound a bit complex one, however, looking in terms of encryption it much powerful than the other options.

4). Wuala

Another alternative for Linux users for Google Drive is Wuala, which is basically owned by an external storage company called LaCie. It is among the best cloud storage services, which give the Linux users almost all the features you enjoy over Google Drive. Besides it also offers to other platforms including Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. Unlike the SpiderOak, it also is known to offer you a local encryption to all the data you store over the server of Wuala, which promises additional security to the Linux users. Initially, you get 5 GB of storing space, which could be increased by additional free 3 GB space via the referral system.

5). InSync

Last but not the least is Insync, which helps in integrating the web features to your computer by incorporating with users belonging to Linux, Mac and Windows based platforms. You could enjoy a number of features in it like having multiple accounts, right click share, Google Docs to Office conversion, sharing data without any browser, access to external and network drives along with good support, revert the read only files, and the shared files syncing on demand.

Final word

Though Google could be seen ignoring the Linux based users for accessing Google Drives, however, with the above alternatives you could enjoy the same benefits which the giant search engine gives. Right from getting additional storage and features like encryption, you could end up enjoying a number of other features with the above named five options.

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  1. I tested long time Google Drive, but finally i prefered Dropbox, thanks for share these usefull info

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